Geomakt's human team is among the pioneers in Spain in the development and implementation of erosion control systems, such as hydroseeding, having improved during its trajectory the suitable techniques for its effectiveness and continued existence. Nowadays, it offers the most suitable solutions to its clients, studying and defining the necessary actions for the concrete situations in which the implementation of environmental engineering and erosion control methods is accurate.



This method of sowing consists of spraying a mixture of water and other products with a cannon or hose: seeds, organic and inorganic fertilisers, vegetable fibres and a natural stabilising adhesive.

It is the most suitable system for the re-vegetation of slopes, eroded ground, levelled areas and embankments. The re-vegetation controls erosion and integrates the building work with the landscape, reducing environmental impact. The purpose of the hydro-sowing is to achieve a layer of initial vegetation that will act as a starting point for subsequently establishing indigenous plants.

Since the early nineties, Geomakt's professional members have a broad experience in hydroseeding and they know well the performance of the mixture of the right seeds in the different environmental and soil conditions in the different geographical locations.