Green walls


Geomakt's human team is among the pioneers in Spain in the development and implementation of erosion control systems, such as hydroseeding, having improved during its trajectory the suitable techniques for its effectiveness and continued existence. Nowadays, it offers the most suitable solutions to its clients, studying and defining the necessary actions for the concrete situations in which the implementation of environmental engineering and erosion control methods is accurate.


Green walls

The green walls, walls of earth or ecological walls are compacted embankments reinforced horizontally with high-durability traction-resistant geomeshes. The exterior face is covered with other selective fabrics which allow re-vegetation to waterproof the surface, thus controlling the loss of soil.

It allows the construction of containment structures with variable inclines of up to 80º and without height limitations, with the frontal part of the wall completely covered in vegetation and integrated with the landscape.

Spectacular results are achieved, with a low level of visual impact compared to with a structure of another material.