How do we work?

Geomakt focuses its activity on the study and recognition of problems in relation to slope stabilization and protection, erosion control and landscaping, as well as on the design and projection of solutions and the execution of the most suitable measures for its correction. All this procedure is based on the premise of the adequacy to real needs and the integration in the environment. We carry out works and maintenance tasks, working on the blueprints or offering made-to-measure technical proposals in different fields.

The company members are a leading referent in our field for many Public Administrations and for large business groups from the different Spanish autonomous communities due to the following reasons: Our ability to offer comprehensive solutions that combine a large number of different techniques.
Our human potential with our experienced and specialized professionals.
We work with a constant endeavour to improve, offering a better response to the client. It is for this reason that our company’s policy relies on the fundamental bases of Health and Safety at Work, Quality and Environment.