Hydrological corrections


Geomakt's human team is among the pioneers in Spain in the development and implementation of erosion control systems, such as hydroseeding, having improved during its trajectory the suitable techniques for its effectiveness and continued existence. Nowadays, it offers the most suitable solutions to its clients, studying and defining the necessary actions for the concrete situations in which the implementation of environmental engineering and erosion control methods is accurate.


Hydrological corrections

We install hydrological correction barriers or debris flow barriers on torrents, gullies and riverbeds. The advantages offered by the hydrological correction screens are as follows:

  • They control and reduce the speed of water and, therefore, reduce the erosion of caused by downstream currents.
  • On hydrophobic soil and land subject to erosion, such as soil following a fire, the eroded materials are retained on the riverbeds. Upstream waters, mud, crushed ceramics and vegetable remains are deposited, creating a very fertile and damp space, which is very useful to help the herbaceous stratum introduced to subsequently act as a coloniser for the rest of the land.
  • They prevent rocks, gravel, mud and debris of any type from being dragged into downstream reservoirs, thus reducing their capacity.

They are quicker to install than conventional systems such as hydrological control dykes by means of gabions, bulk concrete and others. They can be installed at inaccessible points which cannot be reached by machinery. We will reach the point using all-terrain vehicles or helicopters.