Parks and restorations

Landscape and Environment

Geomakt, which inherits the good know-how of a company that started in the development of this activity, counts on the trained personnel with a broad experience in the field of planting, forestry actions, restoration, works at height and techniques of integration in the environment. Due to these reasons, Geomakt will be able to offer different alternatives, bearing in mind the client’s needs.


Parks and restorations

We are specialists in building parks, gardens, green areas etc. using attractive materials such as treated wood, weathered bricks and decorative stone. We design and build all kinds of spaces in the blueprints or carrying out designs onsite.

We recover spaces near roads, quarries, mountain shelters, old dumping sites etc., and integrate them with the environment.

One of our strong points is our multipurpose nature, which allows us to build a park comprehensively; that is, carrying out all of the work with out own personnel.