Perforations, anchoring at height and soil nailing


Geomakt identifies possible slope stabilization problems and studies, designs, projects, implements and carries out the most suitable solutions to correct them. Based on our large experience, we have always improved the following techniques:


Perforations, anchoring at height and soil nailing

Attaching bar bolts or anchors, whether active or inactive, is a method for holding up and reinforcing meshes. Its purpose is to prevent big landslides and it is done by means of stitching a mass of rock with fissures and securing individual blocks and large masses in general.

The absolute interior of the bar is attached to healthy and stable rock with the injection of grout to form a bulb and, the absolute exterior is attached to the distribution plate and the female coupling, thereby fixing the unstable mass of rock.

Soil Nailing is an economic reinforcement technique of slopes in excavation consisting of the installation of passive or active reinforcing anchors very close to each other. While digging the ground, we place the anchor points that will be complemented with a coating of sprayed concrete or shotcrete, which improves de conditions of the reinforcement.