Who we are?

Geomakt is formed by a group of professionals from different Spanish regions with a large experience in the market. This know-how, together with the synergies achieved with the entry into the capital of different business groups of recognized prestige, both at national and international level, are the guarantee for our clients.It is made up of a multidisciplinary team, with a broad experience in the different fields of business management: Management, Commercial, Financial, Human Resources, Production and, especially, Technical, with engineers specialized in our sector.

Our activities cover the whole Spanish territory and different international areas. At a functional level, our company focuses on the works and maintenance tasks, working on the blueprints or offering made-to-measure technical proposals through the accomplishment of reports or specific studies in the following fields:

  • Slope stabilisation
  • Landslide protection
  • Erosion control
  • Landscaping

Geomakt works with the willingness of improving day by day, based on the principles of offering an optimum service to clients in all these different areas, combining the wisdom provided by experience and the energy of a new project.